The purpose of Global Ties Arkansas is to unite emerging and existing international leaders in professional networks, linking Arkansas and the world to help build a state that is a thriving part of the global community.

It is part of a national network, Global Ties U.S., that receives influential officials brought to the United States by the U.S. Department of State, the Library of Congress and Congress. These visitors are identified by U.S. Embassies in their countries as people in a position likely to have an influence on issues related to American Foreign Policy. More than 3,000 visitors come to the U.S. yearly. Arkansas hosts 125-150 visitors annually.

Global Ties Arkansas receives international officials and leaders in government, agriculture, economic, journalistic, judicial, education, freedom of information, health, human relations, immigration, legal and social issues, social services for the underprivileged, state and local government, and non-profits from more than 170 countries.

International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), Fee for Service and Youth program visitors typically spend two to four days in our city as part of a three weeklong visit across the U.S. These visitors generally stay in local hotels during their visit. Visitors with Open World programs stay 8 days and nights with local host families. Professional Fellows program participants stay one month with host families. All visitors have professional meetings with local leaders who are their counterparts in the field of their work. Some extended stay participants also work in local businesses or organizations to shadow individuals for interactive learning and a mutual exchange of procedures in their professions, which vary from country to country.

Global Ties Arkansas is a 501-(c) (3) nonprofit (NGO) organization. It is composed of an 11 member Board of Directors, four part time staff, and dozens of volunteers who have visitors for dinner at their homes, offer invitations to cultural events, transportation, or who provide homestays.

We are a small but efficient staff comprised of a Director and programmers, who also accompany our visitors on presentations, meetings at job sites, cultural events, and often home hospitality. Toni Carr is our Executive Director and a programmer. Walter Nunn, is our Director Emeritus and a programmer. Tommy Priakos is a programmer and also participates in our information technology, as does Kathleen Madden as a programmer.

We pride ourselves on delivering hands-on programming. A staff person generally attends professional appointments and all cultural events with our international groups. We feel that this close contact with the delegates helps provide continuity, efficiency, and enables us to make adjustments quickly to better serve our visitors.

Toni has been an Early Childhood teacher, public school administrator and college professor. Walter’s experience includes university professor in political science, book publishing, and directing other nonprofits. Tommy is an Information Technology and International Studies graduate and a terrific keyboard player. Kathleen is a native of Little Rock and has experience in the travel industry, as well as several nonprofit organizations.

Toni Carr

Executive Director

Toni has been an Early Childhood teacher, public school administrator and college professor.

Walter Nunn

Senior Programmer

Walter’s experience includes university professor in political science, book publishing, and directing other nonprofits.

Upcomming Visitors

Oct 2-Nov 5, 2016 Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Recent Visitors

April 29-May 30, 2016 Professional Fellows SE Asia

May 11, 2016 Foreign Trade

May 11-15, 2016 Foreign Policy

May 19-24, 2016 US Goverment, India

May 25-29, 2016 International Agriculture

July 16-20, 2016 Korean National Assembly

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President - Statistical Analysis Software, SAS Institute, Inc. Learn more.

Former Dean of Instruction at Philander Smith College and retired professor of Communications at University of Arkansas at Little Rock Learn more.

Treasurer - Administrator, Lake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center Learn more.

Treasurer - Secretary - Chief Quality Management of Central Arkansas Veterans Health Learn more.

Arkansas Capital Corporation Group Learn more.

Senior Fellow International Relations at Hendrix CollegeLearn more.

Attorney : Hope, Trice, O'Dwyer & Wilson, P.ALearn more.

President of the Arkansas County Election Commissions Association; former Pulaski County Board of Election CommissionersLearn more.

President, Executive Recruiters Agency, Inc.Learn more.

Former Director of ACIV, Owner/Founder of Rose PublishingLearn more.

Former Vice President International Advancement at North Arkansas College; member of the Board of Directors and former Chair, NCIV; former ACIV ChairLearn more.

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